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Two months ago, my only child got married. It was a destination wedding planned in uncertain times, bookended by the Delta and Omicron variants of Covid. More than once, Carey called from her home in Los Angeles worried about the impact of shutdowns, masking, and guest travel. She wondered if she should cancel and elope.

From my apartment in New York, the only reassurance I could offer was that progress was being made in routing the virus. “Stay the course,” I advised, even as I privately doubted whether the wedding could happen. She did, and the results were spectacular.

Held at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs on New Year’s Eve, the ceremony setting was magnificent, the wedding party was radiant, and snow fell at just the right moment during the reception. The bride and her groom Thomas were joyful. In that moment, we all felt the stress and strain of the previous months fade away. Hats off to Sara Donaldson in For Worth, Texas for the magnificent photography.

Living Through Epic Times

A little less than two years before, Covid stealthily entered and altered our world. We turned inward, focusing on surviving an unknown enemy. We pushed through, endured, and are thankfully coming out on the other side of an unprecedented experience.

Remembering what New York felt like during the height of Covid seems like a dream sequence. But it happened and we lived through it, albeit with hardship, far greater for some than others.

In varying degrees, I watched New York City struggle and wondered whether it would bounce back. There are many signs of resurgence now. Real estate prices certainly reflect a recovery as illustrated by a recent $56 million listing on an upper east side seven story brownstone. A staggering amount to most of us, such a high price tag reflects the confidence qualified buyers have in Manhattan real estate.

Juxtaposed against the backdrop of New York City and America’s rebound is the devastating news coming from Ukraine. As the world rallies in support of the Ukrainian people, we pay witness to countless real time demonstrations against Putin’s cruel aggression. In Times Square, the now familiar blue and yellow were on display the day after the invasion began.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Where will the world be two weeks from now? Two months? Two years? Are we entering an even more sustained period of hardship and difficulty? It’s impossible to say.

But one thing I know for certain: our lives do go on in tandem with what is happening on the global stage. Just as my daughter’s wedding proceeded during the chaos of raging Omicron contagion, we all are required to move forward.

And how do we do that? Through having connections.

For me, there is encouragement and comfort with every connection I make – both longtime and new. I urge you to invest in the relationships you have. Being a connector will provide you support in the good and the bad times.

From the delight I felt at my daughter’s wedding to the sadness I feel about Ukraine, it’s always better when I can share it.

Here’s wishing you countless springtime connections to support you during whatever life throws at us next. I hope to be ready. Will you?

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