I help non-profit leaders and organizations reach their highest potential by

focusing on the power of connections.

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  • Is your nonprofit grappling with how to create an effective fund-raising strategy?


  • Are you constantly dealing with development team turnover?


  • Do you struggle with teaching your volunteers and staff how to make a compelling ask?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

Having spent more than three decades in leadership roles in the field of charitable giving in higher education, the arts, social services and healthcare,

 I know what works and I am looking forward

to helping you!


The Ten Attributes of

A Connector

Have you ever wondered what makes for a great connector? Have you ever wanted to be better at building key relationships? You can!

Check your skills by reading my top ten list of what connectors do best. 

Then use your unique personality and experiences to your advantage.

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"Ann’s calling card is her personality: unpretentious, kind, courteous, powerful, generous, imaginative and curious. In her work, she is discerning, tireless and practical. She has a sophisticated world view and yet is totally comfortable in all circles. The best compliment I can give Ann is that she is both real and good… as a person, absolutely, and in all that she does, without equivocation."

Breast Cancer Survivor, Business Leader,

Community Activist 

Amy Spence -- Texas

"Ann answers questions you didn’t even know you had. She is a cheerleader with valedictorian brains, a fund raiser with board member insights, and a friend with mentor instincts. She’s funny, she’s fresh, she’s energetic, she’s wise. She’s the tonic you need after and during a crisis. She not only knows how to read people, she also makes every single one feel cared for. Ann’s got a young soul with old soul insights."

Tim Federle -- New York

American Novelist, Theater Librettist, Screenwriter

"I have had the good fortune to see Ann in action as the world’s best connector. She is fearless in building relationships. And she is always teaching; it's her nature because serving is very important to her. Ann's 

passion, energy, and vision always make big things happen. Everyone who knows Ann appreciates her commitment to leadership. She has unstoppable talent and great spirit."

Michael Lee Stallard -- Connecticut

Author, Organizational Culture Expert

and Consultant


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