Thirty-year seasoned executive 

Nonprofit expert

Gifted solicitor 

Valued mentor

Founder, Center for Connection Culture 

National spokesperson, cancer initiatives

Director, $125M higher education capital campaign


Empowering CEO's,

executive directors, other C-suite, and volunteers leaders to maximize goal setting, branding and  fund-raising strengths

Think of executive coaching as the opportunity to collaborate on any professional or personal challenges you face. This includes honing fund-raising skills, holding you accountable for executing actionable plans, and offering encouragement to move through transition. As a certified team John Maxwell Coach, I work with leaders who want to move themselves and their organizations forward.

Customizing campaign planning, board and volunteer training in fund-raising best practices, and talent assessment

My focus is fund-raising and communication consulting, including designing specific plans for capital campaigns, assessing gift potential and fund-raising goals, working with volunteers and boards, and providing an audit of staffing needs and skills. I also advise on collateral including the review of case statements, publications, and other branded materials. 

Consulting & Leadership Development


Founder of the full day Connection Edge Workshop, seminar leader, meeting facilitator, and inspirational keynote speaker. 

My speaking takes many forms, from engaging large audiences to working with intimate groups. I enjoy directing planning exercises as a seminar leader, a workshop manager, and/or a focus group leader. I also relish inspiring audiences as a keynote speaker, as well as serving as a professional emcee for events. My favorite presentations are interactive so I can get to know you.

Gain the tools to perfect your connection skills, the confidence to remove boundaries, and

the ability to build 

powerful relationships

The Connection Edge Workshop teaches best practices of connectors, and provides multiple opportunities for you to improve your knowledge and skills. Full or half day sessions include the following topics:

-Connection and philanthropy

-Connection and board engagement

-Connection and staff management

-Connection and career development

-Connection and life transition

-Connection and health challenges

-Connection and parenting

-Connection and personal relationships