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Interviews With Twenty Amazing Leaders

On How To Be An Expert Connector 


For the last year and a half, I have been working on a book about social courage and connection. My goal is to shine a spotlight on leaders who make deep investments in others.


I am interested in how connectors lead and how they use social courage to take the initiative in building relationships. The people I have interviewed across the country meet four criteria.


They are:

  • Highly successful in their careers,

  • Well known in their industry,

  • Exemplifying the ten attributes of a connector,

  • Using communication skills to change and save lives

I am so inspired by the leaders I have met and the legacy they create by deeply investing in relationships. Wow! What amazing conversations we have had.


The epiphany to write this book has been percolating for a long time. When I lived in Texas for thirty years, I led an advocacy and fund-raising initiative in partnership with the largest cancer center in Dallas. It was a tremendous honor to engage with survivors, the medical community, and many committed donors to make a difference in the lives of those dealing with a cancer diagnosis. I saw then that building strong relationships with patients and their families changed outcomes.

Having cancer myself made me more of a connector. Through that challenging time fourteen years ago, I learned connection is a leadership style. And it can be taught.


If you want to learn how to be a better connector, my book will teach you. I can't wait to share the connection lessons from the leaders I have interviewed for the book. They offer a road map for how you can use social courage, both professionally and personally, to build more impactful relationships and change your life. Stay tuned!

The Ten Attributes of a Connector

A connector is a person who ...
     seeks to know many people personally
     genuinely enjoys meeting new people
     is interested in all people with no agenda
     has an engaging and interesting personality
     relates well with all socioeconomic levels
     creates intentional links between connections
     nurtures current and new relationships
     cultivates a sense of natural curiosity
     creatively maintains and builds relationships
     is convicted that genuine connections matter


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