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Called the consummate connector, Ann is a book author and monthly columnist for which offers "the real skinny on the best of everything in New York City for fabulous and smart women who aren't kids anymore". To learn how to make and sustain important relationships in the workplace, read Ann's connection articles here. To learn how to develop and nurture authentic personal connections, read about

relationships here, penned by Kate Somerset,

Ann's dating book pen name and alter-ego.

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Published by the Brooklyn Writer's Press under Ann's pen name

Kate Somerset, her first book about finding the courage to create a second chapter in life, both entertains and inspires. Jack Canfield,

co-founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series praises it as "the

book you've been waiting for...not just about dating, but also about having a possibility mindset in life". Set in New York City with

15 true stories of 15 men, Ann's charming adventures are one of a kind.

Learn more at and find the print, eBook,

and audiobook HERE.

Coming soon, Ann’s second book reveals leadership lessons from

interviews of 20 accomplished connector/leaders around the country.

The book will offer in-depth examples and practical tips on how to

be an effective connector in professional settings, the community,

and with family and friends.

Needed now more than ever, Ann's book will reinforce the value of  a support system to counteract current-day isolation, anger, and disruption caused by the pandemic. Not only as an antidote to the societal upheaval

felt everywhere, the book will also be a guidepost on how to live a more fulfilling life. Its theme is staying focused on what matters most--building and maintaining long-lasting connections and relationships. 


The Ten Attributes of a Connector

A connector is a person who ...
     seeks to know many people personally
     genuinely enjoys meeting new people
     is interested in all people with no agenda
     has an engaging and interesting personality
     relates well with all socioeconomic levels
     creates intentional links between connections
     nurtures current and new relationships
     cultivates a sense of natural curiosity
     creatively maintains and builds relationships
     is convicted that genuine connections matter


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