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As a leader and twelve year spokesperson for a national breast cancer advocacy program in Texas, I was privileged to turn my experience as a cancer survivor into a tangible way to help others. TCU was the first university in the nation to create the pinkout athletic experience. TCU Frogs for the Cure engaged thousands of people in providing education, raising funds, and creating hope. These stories describe the quest to interest Josh Groban in licensing his blockbuster song "Brave". Over a year's work, resembling a national scavenger hunt, Josh's support honored cancer survivors. 

In 2017, I changed my entire life by leaving Texas where I had been a community leader, a senior non-profit executive, and was secure in thirty years of personal and professional relationships. The invitations that are coming my way to be a podcast guest are always exciting. I relish sharing my perspective on what it means to be a connector and how social courage gives us an advantage in life. Each host who has interviewed me about my story has asked terrific questions. I value the opportunity for such meaningful discussions with brilliant people. Enjoy our conversations here. 

For seven years I was proud to create, produce, and direct an annual music video to celebrate the courage of cancer survivors. Featuring thousands, including the university community, caregivers, celebrities and survivors, the music videos created a brand for TCU Frogs for the Cure. From shoots with 60 dance scenes, to a flash mob with 75 groups, to a single take featuring 16 lip-dubbers and 2500 people, each video was an inspiration to the participants and all who cared about paying tribute to the cause.