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So grateful for the invitation to be a podcast guest, I have enjoyed great discussions with fascinating hosts. Each interviewer has asked terrific questions to create meaningful conversations. Together we explore how connection as a leadership style is relevant to coping with the pandemic, caregiving, advice for teenagers, bravery in making a career change, building relationships in sales, and
much more.


I am so proud of the seven big production music videos I created and produced during twelve years as the leader of the TCU's Frogs for the Cure in Texas. With a cast of thousands, the videos shine a spotlight on the courage of cancer survivors, while featuring celebrities, healthcare providers, the university community, and families and friends. Each video took more than nine months to plan, direct, shoot, and edit.


Diagnosed with cancer in 2006, I was privileged to turn my experience as a survivor into a tangible opportunity to raise money for cancer research. These articles tell the story of my work as a spokesperson for TCU's Frogs for the Cure to provide education, create hope, and secure support. Both Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Cancer Care were beneficiaries of the more than $500,000 raised for the cause.

Dallas Morning
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Fort Worth Magazine
Going Solo
Elvis Duran
Tiff Blackmon
Finding Brave
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