Ann Louden Career 

Ann Louden is a seasoned non-profit philanthropy and relationship expert. In three decades, she has led fund-raising efforts in excess of $150 million for higher education, health care, the arts, and adoption.


Called a “force of nature” by veteran CBS Newsman Bob Schieffer, Ann refuses to take no for the causes she believes in. Her success has come time and time again by honing her ability to fearlessly build relationships with people who change and save lives.


Founder of the Ann Louden Strategy and Consulting Company, Ann uses her expertise in raising money, building brands, staging mega events, making powerful connections and transforming big ideas into reality to advise non-profit leaders and boards. She is actively involved on the President’s Council, member of New York Women in Development and is a volunteer for multiple causes.


A highly regarded speaker for the Council for Advancement and Education, Ann won the Steuben Apple award for her inspiring and engaging presentations given at conferences across the United States. Noted among her many achievements when at TCU in Texas, Ann developed and led a 60 person C-suite advisory board for the Chancellor. And she was the founder of the Center for Connection Culture to inspire a movement in higher education that fostered the core elements of connection. Through Ann’s leadership, the Center educated the University community on best practices, invited Connection thought leaders to campus and celebrated the success of connection leaders.

A breast cancer survivor, Ann has used the healing power of music to manage an artist on American Idol and produce seven emotional music videos seen by more than a half million people to inspire, encourage and create hope. 


Why I do what I do

Throughout my life I have enjoyed teaching, mentoring and giving back in the nonprofit sector. What motivates me is the chance to build a community and to get people connected who need to know each other. 

How lucky that I have had the opportunity to be a leader and connector in higher education, the arts, health care and social services. For three plus decades, my home base was Texas, where I was professionally engaged in university work, and as a donor and volunteer for numerous causes about which I care deeply.


Two years ago, I left that very established life for the excitement and challenge of living in New York. The move was both the scariest and the best decision I have ever made. I love the chance to experience my second chapter in Manhattan, the most complicated city in America!  From the subways to the sirens to the skyscrapers, I am surrounded by constant activity and hordes of interesting, brilliant, and unique people.


And everywhere I look, I see the active practice of charitable giving. From the biggest to the smallest causes, this is a community in motion to change and save lives. I stand in admiration of all who are doing so much to better the world.


Thank you for visiting my website. I look forward to finding ways to work with you to transform your big ideas into reality. Let’s make a difference together!

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