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So great to meet you! And thanks for being interested in learning about me.

First, let me get the facts out of the way. I have been in the field of advancement since I graduated from college. On the day of my graduation, I took off my cap and gown after the ceremony and staffed a reception in my new role as an alumni constituent liaison. (Can you believe that title?!) I thought it was a brief gap job before going to law school.


But taking the LSAT was as far as I got. My degree in journalism and public relations propelled me into alumni relations, major gifts work, campaign planning and leadership, developing high level strategic community partnerships, conceiving and executing the most complicated special events, and speaking and training for the profession. I have loved it all!


Besides the paid work, I have spent countless hours as a volunteer, serving on boards, chairing committees, organizing high profile charity events, soliciting sponsors, acting as emcee and keynote speaker, and running workshops and board retreats.


I have been both a donor and the staff leader who engaged donors. I know the ins and outs of building authentic connections. We’ve seen through the pandemic how crucial our ability to connect is. I also have learned that the best leaders are also connectors. 


Through my experience as a cancer survivor, I believe it’s what we give back that counts. Making a difference in the lives of others is what I am all about.


In my spare time, I love exploring New York (my new home after a wonderful life in Texas). I adore music, Broadway, great food, and the energy that comes with meeting new people. I am writing a book about connectors who wow me.



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