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A Conversation with Jack Canfield

A Conversation with Jack Canfield

Why I am writing a book about connection and social courage

When I was a little girl, my grandmother taught me about fear. Fiercely protective, she doggedly narrowed my world, painting the people in it as mostly menacing and characterizing new opportunities as risks. Since I spent hours and days in her care, I came to see the world through her eyes...and I was scared.


In first grade, I was so shy and anxious, that I was sent home from school daily for six weeks with an unrelenting upset stomach. My uncontrollable perfectionism got in the way of my making friends or forgiving myself for the slightest mistake on my homework.


Through years of Catholic education following the strict rules of Catechism, confession, and the canons of the Church, I learned not to question. By the time I got to college, I had earned a very good education, but I was socially unprepared.

Fast forward to today, where I have spent my life's work learning how and teaching others to think big. My professional success in non-profit fund-raising, creating unique and complicated special events, building new and innovative programs. and recruiting sought after leaders to engage in important missions has all come about for one reason:


Finding the courage to build relationships, purely for the joy of knowing and cherishing others, was the single greatest shift in my personality of my entire life. Because of the people I have met, the friendships I have developed and nurtured, and the community those relationships have created for me, I barely resemble the frightened little girl I used to be.


CONNECTION SKILLS gave me every job I ever had, got me through infertility, adoption, cancer, dealing with family members who had serious health challenges, and provided me the most enduring support and the best relationships I could ever have. I want that for you too.


So now, I am writing a book about CONNECTION AS A SUPERPOWER. I believe that connectors use social courage as THE EDGE TO THRIVE IN LIFE AND LOVE. My book will celebrate the best of the best --- people you know who succeed on a big stage by choosing to be relentless connectors. Stay tuned!

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