Keynoter, emcee of high-profile events, faculty at numerous national and regional professional conferences on fund-raising, inspiring workshop leader, skilled facilitator, Ann is a compelling and energetic speaker. Equally as comfortable
in front of thousands as well as small groups, Ann keeps audiences informed, amused and engaged.

Making Meaningful Connections

Debunking Myths About Connectors: 

   Extroverts and introverts can both know         how.

Cold Calling Your New Best Friends:
   How to get to anybody you want to meet.

Why Connection is a Superpower:
   Social courage is the edge in life and           love.

How Not to be Boring:
   Discover the irresistible connector in you.

Some Enchanted Evening:

   How to shine in a room full of strangers.

Growing Philanthropy

Who Gives Away Money:   

   The marriage between great causes and the     people who care about them.       

Motivating Donors Through Storytelling:
   The science of creating compelling imagery     to bring life to your mission.            


The Delicate Dance of Donor Recognition:
   Developing and maintaining a compelling       stewardship program.  


What Your Brand Says to Donors:

   Putting your collateral to the test.

The Secret Sauce of the Ask:

   Finding the words to build connection.

Getting Through Challenge

What to Do After Hearing You Have Cancer:
   Important first steps to find a support team.

How to Talk So Doctors Will Listen:
   Four foolproof ways to always be heard.

When Someone You Love Has an Addiction:
   The truths you must face to be prepared.

Bravery as a Lifestyle:
   How change will always demand                courage.         

Suddenly Single and Shell Shocked:
   Create the plan to claim the new you.

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